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Donuaschwaben: (Danube Swabians)--many settlers came from south/west Germany using the Danube river as their method of transportation. The Hungarians used this nick-name for all Banat Germans.

In 1738, The Austrian Hapsburg rulers (Josef II) defeated the Ottoman Turks in the ancient land called Banat. To develop and protect this land, settlers from the Holy Roman Empire, southern Germany, began to colonize this area over the next 40 years and hundreds of German villages were contructed and settled. By 1787-88 the village of Zickydorf was populated with the first Catholic settlers. The village was named for Count Zichy de Vasonkeo where dorf is German for village. Later other names were given this town because of political reasons and wars, thus maps were altered. 

1)Zichydorf: (1787-1867)- closest large city Werschetz (german), now Versac or Vrsac. 

2)Zichyfalva: (1867-1918)- Hungarian--in county Torontal. The three provinces that make up the Banat are Torontal--Temes--Krasso-Szoreny.

3)Mariolana: (1918-1942)- Serbian--Austo-Hung was broken up after WW-1. A new arbitrary country called Yogoslavia (South-Slavs) was born including most Balkan states. The name Mariolana was given in honour of Princess Maria of Rumania. The land assigned to Serbia (Torontal + land west) created a new autonomous province called Vojvodina. The 2 other Banat provinces went to Romania. Peter Hochban and family migrate to Canada 1924. 

4)Plandiste: (1945-1999) - Communist Serbia--named after a local communist leader. As of 2000, the future of this region is again in doubt because of futher conflict with the Serbs and the breaking up of Yugoslavia. 

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