Hochbans of Zichydorf

The Hochban's of Zichydorf fall into two groups. Those who migrated to North America in the early 1900s and those who remained behind. After 90 years, late 2001, these two groups found each other once more mainly through the power of the Internet, as a research tool, and some key photos. The communicating doors have opened and an awareness of our past heritage has awakened. 

It is this pride of passing on our lost culture to our children that has started a great movement of German descendants to seek out their European past history. In North America the grandparents and parents weren't that forthcoming to their children especially in lieu of two wars. Much of this was due to Government intervention with ethnic peoples early in the twentieth century. However the Germans integrated very quickly into their new country and became a strong voice in their respective societies. 

In Europe, the conditions were vastly different and heartbreaking. The hardships of past wars decimated many families leaving them devoid of home, family and friends. It appears its only during the last years of 1990 that old relationships have been found. With hope, the newer generations will promote the family ties.

This site will mainly be used for Hochban photos and family tree. Zickydorf history is not our goal since many other qualified web sites, books and records exist and some links will be given. Short memories about this family are included and others hopefully will be added.

Three families have contributed to this record; Joseph Birg of USA, Ken Hochban of Canada, and Adam Hochban of Germany. Working together, the family pieces came together but a few outstanding parts are still to be resolved if ever. The main point is that families who had little or no knowledge of each other have now been realized.