Yauks of Holstein

Ken's Forward Notes
For many years I have been attempting to learn about my German Heritage both on my fathers side, the HOCHBAN'S, or my mothers side, the YAUK'S. The task has been difficult, almost impossible, since very little information was forthcoming either from my mother Katherine, my father John, or any relatives who seem to have scattered or disappeared all over North America. Either little was known or the adversities these families faced from the past quelled any wish to remember.

The Yauks and Hochbans immigration to Canada spanned the terrible years of European conflicts between 1910 and 1925 which resulted in mass movements of ethnic Germans to North America. The Yauks arrived in Canada, coming from the 200 German settlements along the Volga river, Russia, in 1912. The German name of their town was Holstein. The Hochbans arrived from the Banat region of the former Austria-Hungary, in 1924. Again this region was a settlement of hundreds of German towns, theirs called Mariolana (old name Zichydorf). Europe was in turmoil and ethnic scapegoating and cleansing began after WW1 which I'm sure left these immigrants with a desire to forget the past and look forward to a new life in Canada.

However, from my perspective now and for those of the family who follow, our heritage is a valuable and important insight since it relates on who we are. I comprehend this feeling because of the pride I hold in being a Canadian in its multi cultural society. My German heritage adds to this Canadian concept which is the kind of country I chose to live in and the one I love.

This genealogy quest became readily available when the Internet became viable. Everywhere people are seeking, adding, gathering, joining, and eventually placing their knowledge base on the Internet. Reference sites, along with Email, are proliferating with easy access to all forms of data. Using this tool I was able to research much of the history of our two German families and pieces of Hochban--Yauk puzzle began to emerge. There is much to add but this can be left to succeeding generations. For now I'm providing a background to our Great Heritage.

Ken J Hochban